About Us


Our company began after our search for Hawaiian style decorative house flags left us empty-handed. We decided to make the flags ourselves and Little Aloha Flag Company was born.

Our goal here at Little Aloha Flag Company is to bring to you a high quality product that nurtures the spirit of the Hawaiian culture and is created in a fair and environmentally conscious manner. We are the little company with a BIG heart.

It is very important to us that the artwork designed for our flags respectfully embrace the beautiful colors, imagery, and language of Hawai`i and its people. Every part of the artwork created by artist and illustrator, Kate Pitner, is researched and carefully rendered to ensure the integrity of the art.

Our commitment to quality also extends to how the flags are manufactured. Each flag is created using the highest quality print and color-fast UV grade dyes. They are manufactured using an eco-friendly printing process which utilizes inert dyes and an advanced reverse osmosis water reclamation technique that allows water used in production to be recycled multiple times.

Our flags are unique keepsakes. Whether you are a Hawaiian local or a tourist wishing to take home a reminder of the Islands, Little Aloha Flag Company flags offer a way to bring the Spirit of Aloha to your home.


It is said that you can’t visit Hawai`i without taking a little part of it home with you in your heart. That is true for licensing artist Kate Pitner. Born and raised in California, Kate traveled with her family numerous times to Hawai`i on vacation. Her vivid memories of her first lu`au, first shave ice treat, first time learning to boogie board and body surf in the warm Hawaiian waters, are forever locked in her mind. These memories, along with her immense respect and intrigue for Hawaiian quilts, adoration for the art of aloha shirts, and love of beautiful flower leis (especially Tahitian Ginger), make it easy for her to create art that honors this island paradise. Kate is married to a native Hawaiian and continues to nurture her art with the Spirit of Aloha.