About your Flag:

Size:  28″ x 40″
Aloha means “hello, goodbye, love or love to you”.  It is a word that represents Hawai`i and the Hawaiian spirit well.  In my design a beloved Hawaiian gecko climbs the letters of ALOHA to greet you.  There are several varieties of Gecko on the Hawaiian Islands; this particular one is the colorful orange-spotted day gecko.  Geckos are everywhere in Hawai`i and are believed to act as guardians.  The background design combines a pineapple Hawaiian quilt block with a palaka print to honor the history of one of Hawaii’s traditional crops ~ the Pineapple.  Palaka is a sturdy cloth historically used to make the clothing worn by plantation farmers and paniolos (cowboys).  It was originally a blue and white checked pattern, but now can be found in bright colors and blended in with other patterns, as I have done here.
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