E Komo Mai

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Size:  28″ x 40″Size:  28″ x 40″


E Komo Mai (ee komo my) means “Welcome/Come Inside”.  These words can be seen on signs outside many stores and businesses in Hawai`i.  For this design I wanted to create an aloha print with bright and vibrant contrasting colors.  I was inspired by hibiscus and leaf patterns.  On top of the  aloha print is a lauhala mat.  Lauhala  is the word used to describe the woven product created by the lau (leaves) of the  Pandanus, or Hala tree.  To prepare the lau for weaving, leaves of the Hala tree are removed and the thorns are cut off.  The strands are then washed, dried, and rolled.  Woven lauhala items, such as floor mats, clothing, baskets, etc…, have been used by Hawaiians for hundreds of years.






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