Hau’oli la Hanau

About your Flag:

Size: 28″ x 40″
Hau`oli la Hanau (How-o-lee la Hah-now) means “Happy Birthday”.  For this design I used a sea-blue aloha print to profile the cool and refreshing sweet Hawaiian treat of Shave Ice.  Shave Ice is not a snow cone.  What makes it different from a snow cone is that the ice is not ground but rather shaved into a super fine snow-like texture.  When the flavored syrup is poured over the top, the juice blends in with the ice rather than sinking to the bottom.  To make your shave ice even better you can first add to the cone a scoop of vanilla ice-cream (my personal favorite), or azuki beans (sweetened red beans cooked until soft and chewy).   In Hawai`i  big birthday celebrations start at age one with a baby luau, a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate the good fortune of a child’s first year of life.  Whether you are celebrating your first or 101st birthday, this flag will bring much aloha to your birthday celebration.


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